Top Baby Names of 2016


Choosing a name for your baby can be fun, exciting and stressful.  The pressure to choose a name that’s distinctive enough to set a child apart, that says something about your family history or culture or worldview, but that won’t subject the child to being teased or ostracized, drives some parents to crazy lengths. states that some statistics say children with “unattractive” names receive lower grades, while another claims they perform better in school. Some show that names influence perceptions of a person’s potential attractiveness or intelligence—but that those perceptions fade away once the real person and his or her real qualities appear.

So do you chose a family name, a trendy name, or a classic name that will leave them with a blank slate?  Here are some of the top names from since 2000.

Hottest names in recent years

2015 – SophiaEmma, and OliviaJacksonAiden, and Liam

2014 – SophiaEmma, and OliviaJacksonAiden, and Liam

2013 – SophiaEmma, and IsabellaJacksonLucas, and Noah

2012 – SophiaOlivia, and ZoeAidenEthan, and Liam

2011 – SophiaEmma, and AvaAidenMason, and Lucas

2010 – SophiaChloe, and LilyAidenLogan, and Liam

2009 – IsabellaSophia, and OliviaAidenJackson, and Jacob

2008 – EmmaMadison, and AvaAidenJayden, and Caden

2007 – SophiaAddison, and EmilyAidenEthan, and Noah

2006 – EmmaKaitlyn, and AbigailAidenRyan, and Jack

2005 – EmmaHannah, and MakaylaAidanNicholas, and Tyler

2004 – EmmaMadison, and HaileyJacobEthan, and Ryan

2003 – EmilyHannah, and SarahJacobMatthew, and Zachary

2002 – EmilyBrianna, and AlexisJacobChristopher, and Andrew

2001 – EmilyAshley, and SamanthaJacobJoseph, and Dylan

2000 – HannahKaylee, and ElizabethMichaelMatthew, and Joshua


There are some great baby name generator sites  like NymblerRandom Names, and Baby Name Genie.  There’s even a message board on Nameberry for moms who regret their name decision to vent about it.  So study the meaning, ask friends and feel confident about your choice!

David Fussell