Tea During Pregnancy


The benefits of natural tea are numerous including bone protection, weight loss, skin detoxing and more.  But which teas are best to drink during pregnancy?  Some have caffeine which will raise your heart rate and blood pressure.  Some teas like black tea,  are diuretics which will have you going to the restroom more than you already do!  So which ones will help your baby during development and not put anymore added anxiety on you?


Here are our favorites…

Rooibos tea is very high in antioxidants and it’s caffeine free!  Try it with honey at night as a healthy alternative to a dessert.  Nettle leaf is another popular tea during pregnancy due to the high vitamin and mineral content.  It packs a punch with iron, potassium and vitamin A, C, and K.  Make sure you get it in leaf form and not root form due to its stimulant effect on the uterus.


For nausea and morning sickness, try peppermint or ginger tea.  For a summer iced tea treat, try this simple recipe for peppermint tea:

In a 2 quart heatproof pitcher, pour two cups of boiling water over the tea bags. Steep them for 6 minutes and then remove the tea bags.  Stir the honey and lemon juice into the hot tea and then add 2 cups cold water.  Chill and serve over ice with or without a lemon slice.


There are also many pre-packaged teas in store an online that are specifically designed for pregnant women.  This Red Raspberry tea is available here and helps tone and strengthen the uterine muscle.

Enjoy your relaxing cup of tea!


David Fussell