Maternity Workouts


Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop your workout regime.  Obstetricians agree that staying active during your pregnancy are both great for you and your baby.

You’ll have more confidence, experience less back pain, and bounce back to your pre-baby body quicker! Here are a few exercises you can do to keep your body moving and your baby healthy!  Remember to always clear your maternity workouts with your doctor first to determine if your body is ready.


image via: Fit Pregnancy

Plank strengthens your core, arms and back.  Hold the pose 1 to 2 breaths, slowly working to 5 seconds.  You can put one knee down on the mat, if you need a little break.




Loosen up your joints with gentle swimming! Those swollen ankles will thank you when you float so peacefully in the water.


Indoor Cycling:

Boost your heart rate without stressing out your joints on an indoor bicycle.  You should take it easy and a great monitor is being able to hold a light conversation while spinning.  Raise the handlebars as your belly grows to make room for your knees.




Get your cardio in while having fun!  Dancing is a great mood booster but just make sure you don’t do any leaps, twirls or jumps.



David Fussell