Creative Pregnancy Announcements


Your pregnancy announcement is your time to finally shout it from the rooftops that you’re expecting.  A simple phone call just won’t do anymore.  Here are some creative ideas to announce your pregnancy…

This faux movie poster is my favorite announcement!  It’s a spoof from the “Knocked Up” movie poster that you’ll laugh about for years!

There’s a bun in the oven!  Dad joke (and Mom joke) here that everyone will appreciate.

Who doesn’t love a tiny pair of Converse sneakers?!

This is a subtle but clever way to show that there is a baby on board.


Including the other siblings in the announcement is always a fun way to get them involved.  I love the little boy’s look of fear and excitement here!  Another great way to get the siblings involved in your pregnancy is the PregEgg!  The kids will LOVE counting down the days till their little brother or sister makes an appearance!


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David Fussell