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Help Note:  Remove the round piece of clear tape holding the two halves of the egg in the closed position.

  1. Open the battery cover counter clockwise.

  2. Insert the enclosed CR2032 Battery and place the (+) pole on top.

  3. The 3 digits LCD will show 241 automatically, then switch to 240 in 3 seconds to start counting down.

  4. There are (3) Push buttons from left to right +,-,M (Manual). Note the symbols about each button.

  5. Push and hold the (+) button to increase the number of days (Maximum is 300) and release, countdown starts automatically.

  6. Push and hold down (-) button to decrease the number of days release and count down starts automatically.

  7. Push (M) to open the egg, after 4 beeps, the egg will be open.

When pushing (M) button to open the egg, the countdown timer is not interrupted unless the user resets the timer.

When the timer has counted down to ZERO (0), three beeps will sound then the egg will be open. To set a new countdown date go to step 5.

When battery voltage reaches 2.8V, the low battery signal will display in the left side of the LCD. After the voltage drops to 2.7V, 3 beeps sound once an hour, warning the user to replace the battery.

It is not recommended that the egg be manually opened more than 20 times during the life of the battery.